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Russia Travel Guide and Travel tips

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If you do not know where to spend time in Russia in a fun and comfortable way the portal "PositivCity" will be your travel guide to Russia. Here you will find everything about tourism in Russia. It does not matter which city you are planning a trip to, we will tell you where there will take place the holiday, which travel company will help you get there and where you can stop. You will be able to make exciting travel to Russia and see interesting places. On the portal you can find hotels that gladly accept guests and their full description travel tips and much more. Every tourist will find a place to relax. Presented photos will help you decide with a choice.

Travel to Russia will help you learn a lot of new and interesting things about the ancient Russian traditions and customs. Tourism in Russia is diverse. Fans of complex tours like trips for several days to historical places and festivals. Those who like sports tourism will be interested to visit tourist sites where you can go skiing or ethnic festivals where you can measure strength with the heroes. Fans of gastronomic tourism like trips to private dairies and manors where they prepare dishes of the IIX-th century. It is possible to travel around Russia infinitely opening for itself more and more new opportunities. We hope that our travel tips will help make your trip to Russia unforgettable!